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The 13th Floor Superstition

the-13th-floor-superstition-number-13-phobiaHow many times have you seen the 13th floor in a building? Chances are less. As number 13 is supposed to bring bad luck, most buildings, even those not owned by superstitious people, use 14 to denote the 13th storey or use 12a as the alternative. Owners don’t have much say as such tall buildings are usually meant for commercial purposes and using 13th floor decreases the prospects.

The 13th Floor Superstition: Origin

Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of number 13, can be traced as the root of the superstition concerning the 13th floor. Thus, this crazy superstition is the result of the superstitious beliefs around number 13, which is widely infamous for being unlucky. Be it Friday the 13th or the 13th floor, people fear the misfortune that number 13 has been observed to bring.

13th Floor Superstition: Conspiracy Theory

There are many conspiracy theories attached with the 13th floor superstition. As per few, the 13th floor exists in government buildings, but is not open for public use. As per the theory, these floors are used for top secret activities. The theory has been bought by many and has featured in various films and books as well.
Films such as ‘The 13th Floor’, Nightmare on the 13th Floor have used the theory to further exploit the superstition attached with the 13th floor. Books such as Company or games such as Lara Croft are other examples.

The 13th Floor Superstition: Logic Missing

One funny thing that comes out of such superstitions is how humans believe that just the change in naming a floor can avoid misfortune. In reality the floor number, 13 remains floor number 13 even after it is renamed to other numbers. However, the belief in this superstition is so strong that reasoning takes a beating.

The fear prevails over the reasoning ability of people and diffuses the ability to reason to a low. It’s like this that weird superstitions become  influential enough to devoid people of logic and create a veil of ignorance that keeps facts away and afar.

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